Entertech ET19K Review

The Entertech ET19K is a uniquely styled Karaoke system that features a relatively high price tag. Entertech are well-known for their high quality and durable products, and this was one product I definitely had my mind on testing. It comes pre-included with over 2,000 songs and has a total of six expansion slots. Entertech have done a great job of making it backwards compatible too, so if you have a Enter-Tech Silver Chip or Recording Chip, you can rest assured that they are compatible. The microphone’s are wireless and have a range distance of just over 50ft. Best of all, you can also use the system as your own video source, by connecting a VCD/DVD as a background video.

Our Review:

My first impression of the Entertech ET19K Karaoke system was that it’s small. But honestly, I knew this was going to be a brilliant product straight out of the box. The installation is so simple that even the least-tech savvy person can use it. You simply pull it out of the box and connect it directly to your television. With over 2,000 songs to choose from straight away, there’s literally no reason to not have a go of it straight away.

Within minutes of it being connected, I was so tempted to have a sing-along that I just had to select a song and sing. The quality was absolutely fabulous. This is one of the highest rated karaoke machines on amazon and we highly recommend it ourselves! – Thomas Boxtiger

ET19K Features:

  • Includes 2045 Songs in English
  • 6 Slots of Song Chip Expansion
  • 100% Backward Compatible with existing Enter-Tech Silver Chips and Recording Chips
  • Operation Range of 50 Feet
  • Enable to use your own video source (VCD, DVD,Video camcorder) as background video

With traditional low price-tag karaoke machines, you’ll probably be familiar with feedback issues and echoing. The Entertech ET19K Magic Sing Mic Karaoke Machine does a brilliant job of keeping the vocal sounds clear and crisp. The two included microphones provide superb quality and allow for spectacular duets. The pre-included music is varied in tone, and the microphones adjust well to different changes in tone and pace.


Without a doubt, the Entertech ET19K is well worth the $300+ price tag it comes with. If you’re looking for a Karaoke system which is going to provide unparalleled performance within a commercial environment, you won’t be disappointed with this system. Sometimes, you just need to pay that little bit extra for that huge boost in quality, and I honestly feel like the ET19K does a brilliant job of providing outstanding sound quality.

So, where can you buy this?

After checking a website to find the best deal, we ran into amazon. And once again, they have the best price on the internet. They usually have low prices because they price match and because of this, products tend to run out of stock pretty fast. Click here to check it out.