Music For the Soul


Music moves people and it is no overstatement. From Charles Darwin and Albert Einstein to Jimi Hendrix and Pearl Jam – music is what united them at the ‘soullular’ level (mirror world to the cellular level).

In fact, those who play some instrument are automatically more trusting in the eyes of an average human being. They are instantly relatable and more attractive too. Have you ever watched in awe of an individual who played the guitar so well and thought to yourself, if only I could do that too! Well, here are a few reasons why music is for the soul.

Happiness and Music

Listening to music releases dopamine in the brain. This is a feel good neurotransmitter that according to research helps improve mood, induce a state of joy and excitement. So, if you are looking for an emotional boost then all you have to do is listen to 15 minutes of music.

Improves Running Performance

In a study it was seen that runners who listened to music tend to run better and longer than those who did not. So, cook up that playlist and get running today.

Lowers Stress, Betters Health

Looking for a better future where you live a healthier life with lesser stress? Try listening to music as it reduces cortisol in the body that is responsible for stressing up your entire system. Stress is the number one reason for about 60% of diseases and illnesses.

Sleep Better

Those who listen to relaxing or soothing music an hour before sleep tend to sleep much better than people who listen or watch something while falling asleep.

Fight Depression

Folks suffering from depression can now find some relief in knowing that music helps fight depression. While it is not a complete cure, fact remains that listening to music before bedtime tends to elevate the mood and fight depression. However, research also showed that classical, soulful music is what fights depression. On the other hand, heavy metal and techno tends to drop the mood and contribute towards depression.

You Eat Less

A weird benefit of music but if research suggests this theory then it must have some empirical evidence backing it up. According to Georgia Tech University, music on the softer side helps people curb their binging habits and increases the taste of meals further.

Driving and Music Go Hand in Hand

Not a concept that needs introduction, but driving to soothing music helps keep the mood positive and you alert. Your penchant for rash behavior dramatically increases though if you listen to aggressive music when driving.

Improved Memory and Learning

Research has shown that music can help recall information better and improves learning. Whether you play music too can improve the effects even further but depending on the kind of music you listen to, your memory can be sharper.

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