Music and Medical Benefits


In our last post we discussed on the various soul benefits music had. We saw how music has a key role to play in improving mood, memory and fight depression. What if we told you that science proves that music has medical benefits too? Here’s a list of the medical benefits of music.

Helps Relax Prior To Surgery

Going into surgery can be a daunting task. It affects anxiety levels and medication is the only way to keep patients feeling sleepy ahead of the surgery but it does have its own nasty side effects such as vomiting and coughing. In a study however, it was observed that patients who went into surgery after listening to soothing tunes tend to deal with lower anxiety levels. While the effects will not be as pronounced as relaxants and medication, at least one need not deal with after-surgery side effects.

Helps Fight Pain

In another research, it was seen that music therapy does wonders fighting pain in cancer patients. In geriatric patients, intensive care patients, music of the meditative or classical nature work best. Not that patients cannot choose, but whatever makes you feel better will help you fight pain.

Alzheimer’s Patients Can Remember

Astonishing but true, some memory gain is possible through music therapy with Alzheimer patients. According to a NPO, Music & Memory, music can help people with age related dementia conditions to remember things. When they listen to music that rouses their soul, sufferers from dementia tend to reminisce and suddenly remember things that they would otherwise never manage to recollect.


Dust off your old records that you’ve got stored away and start using them as much as you can. Music has a number of medical benefits for the human body, and can really enhance both your physical and mental health. It’s something that stays with us for all of our years and we don’t outgrow it like children do with toys. So keep the beats coming and enjoy the benefits!

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